Who’s Dave?

I enjoy films and I try to see a lot of them.  Ideally in the cinema, but small screen is fine too.

I’m not a journalist or a film professional (if you read my blog, that much will be clear!). I’m just an enthusiast. If you really want to know, I’m a building design engineer who lives in London.

This blog is a personal site, just for my own enjoyment.  I wanted to record my impressions of movies I’ve enjoyed. I just thought it’d be fun to capture my thoughts and occasionally share them with some friends.  I might find it interesting to reread them when I see some of these films again.

The ‘published’ date is when I see the film, not when I publish the review on the blog.  This might seem counter-intuitive, but it means I can use this as a sort of personal film diary.

I’d be pleased if anyone wants to comment.  It’s not the main purpose of this site, but I’d be interested to hear what you have to say.