Lo and Behold: Revieries of the Connected World (2016)

171013 Lo and BeholdIt’s not surprising that Werner Herzog doesn’t own a smartphone but he’s made a documentary contemplating the Internet age. Aptly, this UK premiere was followed by a q&a that was broadcast to other cinemas and homes across the country. ‘Lo and Behold’ starts with the birth of the Internet in 1969, and goes on to explore various facets of our connected world through his idiosyncratic lens.

We meet scientists who dream of a kind of hi-tech 171013 Lo and Behold2telepathy that transmits their real-time brain scans directly to other people’s heads. If technology makes us all into individual omniscient gods, we ponder the psychological effect on the next generation who grow up with that power. Imagine the inconvenience if our intelligent microwave falls in love with the fridge. Will the internet dream of itself? And we meet technological refugees, people who choose to live in a tech-free community to protect themselves from computer game addiction or radiation, the Amish of our time.

Composed mostly of talking heads and Herzog’s narration, this documentary explores the fear and wonder of our computer age. Lo and Behold!

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